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I come from a working class background and left school with no qualifications at all and I’m proud of all that I’ve been able to achieve. But I started out with little steps.

Volunteering and community courses gave me confidence in myself and interaction with people from different walks of life. Tutors fed my need to create and others who encouraged me to be all that I could be - and finally, a self belief in myself that I can achieve whatever I set out to do.

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This is what I want to pass on to other people. Not just to help them to make stories in my workshops but to empower them, to give them the opportunity to learn, to question, to grow, to learn new skills. Yes, to make stories themselves, but more than that, to have a skill set which is transferable. Not just technical skills, but social interaction, opening up and sharing themselves with other people, learning about their heritage and passing on their own knowledge and skills.

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The video to the right is one of my personal stories. This is a very personal account of the journey of one woman coping with breast cancer.  It is aimed at other women going through the same challenges to show that there is hope, and that out of adversity a new strength emerges. The link to My Story underneath also contains another of my digital stories, and how I got into this fascinating area of digital art.



  1. meeting the prime minister

I have benefited so much from volunteering, both personally and professionally. In fact I gained so much confidence that I decided to break from the daily 9-5 and set up Creative Arts Wales.

Because of my volunteering I was invited to a reception by Mike O’Brien QC MP at Richmond House, Whitehall to celebrate the 2nd UK Older Peoples Day. This was followed by another reception with the Prime Minister Gordon Brown, at 10 Downing Street, which recognised the achievements and contributions older people make to our society and economy and help to promote a more positive view of later life.