Francis Thomas - Artist Extraordinaire

  1. Francis Thomas' Life-story

I worked with artist in residence Maureen O’Kane and Welsh artist Francis Rowland Thomas who was a patient at Ysbyty George Thomas suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease.  Francis had led a fascinating life as an artist in London and was part of the Carnaby Street scene during the 60s.  We were researching his life and works with the intention of producing a digital story about his life at a later time. This was suspended when Francis was hospitalised following a bad fall and later his Alzheimer’s deteriorated and the project came to an end.

However, later on, and at the request of his carers, I was asked to put a story together from the information already collected.  Francis’s voice was to be an integral part of the story but the quality of the audio recorded on a small hand recorder in a hospital setting was not the best.  Hearing Francis himself reminisce about his life is fascinating but another story has been produced with a voice-over which includes snippets which could not be included on the original due to the bad audio quality.  However, the 2 versions seem to complement each other very well.

© Creative Arts Wales 2011, published with kind permission from Francis Thomas