Blaengwrach Primary School

This intergenerational project was commissioned by RSVP and involved pupils from Blaengwrach Primary School and senior volunteers from the community.  The volunteers brought in photographs and memorabilia from WWII and the 1960s, and told the children about life in the village during those times.

Some of the volunteers had actually attended the school when they were young and others were evacuated to the area during the war.  The stories the children produced included life as a teenager during the 60s, the stigma of being and Irish immigrant, an evacuee’s account of moving to Neath from London,  a story about the first man in space, and an account of taking part in a national TV quiz programme.

  1. A Teenager's view of the 60s
  1. No Giggling please!
  1. The Guzunder
  1. Change from a shilling
  1. London to Neath

RSVP is an organisation which recruits volunteers aged 50+. RSVP believes that older people have a lifetime of skills and experience which is of immeasurable benefit in their own communities. Through their involvement in community activities, the volunteers themselves receive an enormous benefit in terms of improved health and self-confidence.

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© Creative Arts Wales 2011, published with permission from Blaengwrach Primary School children and their parents, and participants from Cwmgrath.