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The training provided by Creative Arts Wales is individually tailored to suit the needs of the client.  The number of people taking part may also vary from groups to intensive one to one sessions.

Workshops can be taken into many community and business venues such as schools, day centres, sheltered housing, churches, the workplace, hospitals – anywhere really where people meet, live and work.

Alternatively, one to one sessions can be carried out at Creative Arts Wales' premises.

Trainers workshops

Creative Arts Wales can provide training to equip you to run your own digital storytelling projects and workshops.

Participants go through the process of making stories themselves so that they not only understand the techniques and the media used but also experience the thrill of making their own stories and begin to recognise the many benefits of using this medium. Workshops can be delivered in several ways.

  • A complete one week course
  • 1 day Modular courses – This is where each part of the process is broken down into easy steps with each module complete in itself.  These modules can be built up to a complete training course. There are 7 modules in total and each participant must complete the Introduction and Story Circle modules before completing any others.
  • Intensive one to one workshops of two and a half days
  • Weekly day/half day sessions

These are by no ways comprehensive and workshops can be designed to suit your needs. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.  Please note that the number of participants at any one time is restricted to 6 unless working in pairs, to ensure quality of teaching.

Equipment and software

Stories are produced on laptops using the PC platform and open source software which is freely available to everyone.  This enables trainees to use the skills they learn straight away to continue and extend their training once the workshops are completed.  Because I use equipment which is found in most offices, community venues, libraries and homes today the benefits to organisations is that it allows them to use equipment they already have and to set up workshops more quickly and with less financial outlay.

All equipment for workshops is supplied by Creative Arts Wales but can be delivered using your own computers if you so wish, providing the administration of your network is not too restrictive.

For further information please contact me.

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