Working with Companies

Team building

At Creative Arts Wales we care about what we do and strive to be the best that we can. These are qualities that are relevant to every business, and because every business and every member of the team is different we can tailor the perfect team building event for you, using skills and content relevant to your needs.

The main goals of team building are to improve productivity and motivation and to improve communication within teams. Team building activities are important for the long term benefits that they engender, and these activities strengthen the team and enhance working relationships.

Success requires good communication between team members so that they work efficiently towards a common goal. The digital storytelling format lends itself beautifully to companies and small businesses where it is an ideal aid to team building, helping to break down barriers and allow individuals to explore working relationships in a unique way.

The process lends itself beautifully to improving team moral and unity because sharing memories and experiences does bring people closer together. The story circle is at the heart of every workshop and this is where the participants learn to share, to listen and to ask good questions in a non-threatening and ‘fun’ environment.

The workshops will explore the "real" values of the team and this will improve team communication, understanding and working practices. Attendees will communicate better, work better as a team and improve their results.

Creative Arts Wales’ team building events will leave participants revitalised and ready for new challenges. Ranging from one day events to fully featured workshops, the films produced by participants can be published on company intranets or on DVDs. This new trend in team building and development is the modern way to build communities within companies.

Evaluation tool

Adding digital storytelling to a repertoire of traditional evaluation tools ensures a healthy diversity of information. Comparing stories from the planning and evaluation stages would give a wider indication of all the changes that have occurred and serve as indicators as to whether participants points of view have changed in between.

Digital storytelling is an ideal vehicle for ‘fleshing out’ the statistics in a format which is direct and easy to digest. And because it demonstrates not only whether an organisation has achieved their objectives, but to what extent, the end product can also be used to validate best practice and is an ideal valuable tool for raising further funding.

Information Gathering

Traditionally, this is achieved through a series of information gathering initiatives, for example informal meetings, setting up committees or forums, using questionnaires and interview processes, and perhaps looking at other organisations to see what worked for them.

We know that good quality management lies at the heart of any successful project but that good management depends on making the right decisions at the beginning - and information gathering informs those decisions. However, statistics in the form of numerically based or opinion based data can only show the results of questionnaires or interviews which use the same specific questioning format, and answers are collated and awarded marks using a points or percentages system.

What these systems are not able to do is to take into account the variables. I would suggest that this planning evaluation process would also benefit from the inclusion of narratives as a complimentary part of the evidence base.

Spice up your website

So, you’ve got a website, but how do you capture your visitors interest straight away? Many people are turned off by a wall of text, so what you need is a digital story on your home page that grabs people’s attention and shows a more human view about your business.

Whatever kind of company you are, Creative Arts Wales will take photographs at the beginning, during and at the end of projects and include interaction with your customers. You decide which pictures you want to include, and we can put these together with interesting transitions and special effects to highlight the things that you want to draw out. We then make it into a short 2/3 minutes film that can be shown on your website, computer or mobile device.

Upload it to YouTube and use it to promote your company to show a more human side that will endear itself to future customers.