Willowtown Primary School


With the community coordinator of RSVP in Blainau Gwent, we worked with children at Willowtown Primary School in Ebbw Vale on a Reminiscence Project. The children took part in a project reconstructing replicas of a typical WW2 home, shop and garden using predominantly recycled materials. This complemented a National Curriculum programme and involved Year 6 and 7 pupils.

Children from three different classes were able to attend and contribute to the project and were able to apply and extend their knowledge of the era in a practical yet enjoyable manner. One of the senior volunteers taking part in a knitting project even helped the pupils to weave rugs for their little homes.

RSVP is an organisation which recruits volunteers aged 50+. RSVP believes that older people have a lifetime of skills and experience which is of immeasurable benefit in their own communities. Through their involvement in community activities, the volunteers themselves receive an enormous benefit in terms of improved health and self-confidence.

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