"...it's even better than I'd hoped! It's fabulous."

Wendy, participant from Riverfront digital storytelling drop-in project


"Sandra (Creative Arts Wales) has worked with us to us create and produce digital stories on two of our  intergenerational projects.  Her professional but friendly approach ensures that all those involved gain new skills while thoroughly enjoying the activities.  Our older volunteers, some of whom know little about digital technology, gain the confidence to enjoy working at the PCs with the children to create their stories.  One of the volunteers stated that the highlight of the project for her was “ sharing our memories with some fantastic school children and producing our wonderful DVD”.   On evaluating the project, the Teacher of the class involved stated that the children had gained in a wide variety of key skill areas including:  communication; speaking and listening; IT and general literacy along with the wider benefits gained through creating cross- generational interaction."

Maureen Winter, RSVP Project Coordinator


"It's been really good having the children come over from the school. I've watched the tenants start to build up a relationship with them, ...and [to see them] enjoy each other's company and enjoy learning together has been really really good and very very enjoyable. ...it's been good to see [the children's] confidence grow because of the relationship  ...[the children] wanting to come back and continue that relationship. ...it's just a good feeling, it's been a good feeling all round, a really enjoyable project."

Freddie, Housing Manager, Kirby Daniel Court

"The children have benefited immensely from the project. Its a superb project and really needs to be taken to other areas for other children and residents to take part in. They've become very protective of the people they have come to meet over here, and I think that if they can pass that on to their peers and their families, then hopefully these areas will have a greater sense of community once again."

Teacher, Pillgwelly Primary School


"You produced a short digital story "God's Beauty" for me some time ago that has proved extremely effective in influencing service-providers." [many people said] how well the DVD was done and effective at getting across the message."  "...many people who said they were a little  bit teary eyed watching it.  So well done. ...you did a superb job and everyone involved was really pleased. It's been great working with you."

Eleanor Rothwell, Sustrans' Mentro Allan Project Co-ordinator


"Thanks for all your hard work on this, the DVD went down really well at the event we held earlier this month, and we were really pleased with the final product."

Georgina Harper , Sustrans Cymru's Active Travel Programme Manager


"...it must make you feel that your work is so worthwhile when families appreciate what you have developed for them to keep. Each story is so individual and special. Thanks so much for everything you have done."

Claire Jones, Manager Extra Care Housing, Cefn Glas


"I've enjoyed it very much, it's been lovely to have [the children] here."

Rita, resident of Kirby Daniel Court



"I really really enjoyed coming here, working with everybody. Its sad to know that this is the last week."

Payman, pupil of Pillgwenlly Primary School



"It was lovely to see the children from the school each week, to hear their stories about their grandparents and different things, and to record ours as well, from [when we were] younger."

Chris, resident of Kirby Daniel Court


"I'd like to do this again"

Abbie, pupil of Pillgwenlly Primary School




"I really enjoyed it here"

Nozipho, pupil of Pillgwenlly Primary School


"I like Sandra ...because she helps me with a lot of things on the computer. I enjoyed making the story up, ...and drawing all the pictures and scanning them, and learning how to use the computer more. I'd love to come over every day."

Tiarna, pupil of Pillgwenlly Primary School